Image can't be settled on the left


I try to add photo in About area in jekyll no-style-please theme and put it on the left. Code below:

layout: page
title: About
category: About
image: /assets/images/pt.jpg

![]({{page.image | relative_url}}){: style="float: left"; margin-right: 10em; height="40%" width="40%"}

The photo was added, and resized but the picture is still centre not on the left. Any idea?

use the Inspector in Chrome (or whatever browser you use) to see what styles are being used, something else may be setting it like that.

A link to the live site and repo would help.

Thanks a lot for tip with inspector mode. In my line - ```
{: style=“float: left”; margin-right the comma was the issue. When I delete it everything works.

Im appreciate.