Hyperlinks not working in new page

Currently making a personal website with the Klise theme on Jekyll: https://zhaju.github.io/

I hyperlinked to an existing image asset (https://zhaju.github.io/assets/math/quadratics/1.%20Intro_to_Parabolas.pdf):

But when I click the hyperlink on my website, it brings me to a different non-existent URL path:

Any ideas for how I could fix this? Thanks.

Please share the code where you are generating the link.

You have a space in the filename, which is sometimes problematic. If you feel like your code is correct, but are having issues, try renaming the file to something like:


To avoid the issue with the space.

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I’ve renamed the files and it still doesn’t work. The code is in math.md, and the posts are in assets/math.

Thanks for your help.

It would be best to consider using links the Jekyll way. However, I think the problems is you do not have the prefix https:// in your link.

For future reference, screenshots are helpful, but sharing the code is much more useful. That allows us to easily copy and paste and test your issue.

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That fixed it, thank you very much for your help

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