.htaccess (dot files in general) ignored in subdirectories

Hi there,

I cannot get a .htaccess included in the output if the file is in a subdirectory.

My file resides in _pages/subdir/.htaccess. In my config file, I use

output: true
permalink: /:path.html

to use all pages in _pages without the path _pages

This works fine but not for the .htaccess file. It is ignored in the output.

I tried in my config

- '.htaccess'
- '_pages/.htaccess'
- '_pages/subdir/.htaccess'
- '*/.htaccess'

nothing works so far.

Is this a known problem, should I file a bug report or is there a solution for this problem that I don’t see.


Greetings, Ekkart.

Collections are capable of including static files like images, so they should definately be capable of including an .htaccess file as well.

This is not a known issue as far as I am aware. Please do open an issue and please also /cc: @pathawks on that issue.

Thanks for the answer, sorry for my delay in response.

I just created the bug report: https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/issues/6091