How writing flat paginator?

I need a blog with many posts.
I canot use subdirectory. How generate a flat paginator and web pages with my posts?

I need page1.html page2.html etc. not blog/index.html blog/1/index.html etc.

You can use Jekyll Pagination.

The site seems to be down at the moment, so hopefully, that is just a temporary issue.

I know this is not what you are asking for, but I tried using pagination and it was not my favorite thing to work with, so on my website, I just list the top posts. At the end of the list, there is a link that says “See all >>” and it lists everything and uses fewer graphics and visual real estate. Something to consider as an alternative…

@BillRaymond You are wrong, ‘pagination’ does not enable such a way. It always generates directories and index.html files ,

But show if you can. I’m waiting.

P.S. How not generating a directory?

@srem1 I am not wrong :slight_smile:

I never explained how pagination works. I shared a link to the page on Jekyll’s official documentation so you can learn more.

I also shared how I decided to handle pagination as an alternative because I felt it was easier to implement.

My approach can be seen here. As you can see, I display about a dozen posts on the home page. Then at the bottom, I have a “See all podcasts >>” link. That is the alternative I decided to take over pagination. That is it. Just sharing an alternative solution.

That said, if you want pagination, then you can review the link I sent.

@BillRaymond ou seriously don’t read documentation BEFORE you ask a question? Then why are you posting here?

I asked how not to create directories with index.html files, for example, but you didn’t answer.

If you think it’s easy then write how to do it or don’t litter the thread.

Let’s be polite –better: kind– to each other. Bill’s contributions are usually top-notch and well thought out, based on substantial effort.
Re organising a many posts page: I tried to organise it with tags: Blog

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