How to use jekyll with staticman on a server?

What if do not want to use Github Pages, then to make staticman work with Jekyll on a server?

You don’t need to use GitHub Pages to host your site. You just need your repo to exist on GitHub so Staticman can become a collaborator to submit pull requests. Which is how it adds user generated content to your site.

I found staticman after your great tutorial mmistakes which is worthy of a link…

I managed to successfully install npm on my godaddy shared host via this link but initially that gave bash NVM Command Not Found so via this link… I found this snippet “~/.nvm/” which sorted that out.

But got a bit lost tbh… I think I’m trying to tread water at the deep end before learning to to lay on my back at the shallow :smiley:

This is deffo something I need to apply but I reccon its going to stay on the “To do” list for now… I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

peace :slight_smile:

Okay, I understand that I do not need to use GitHub Page, even if we host the Jekyll website on a server then how to sync the files between GitHub and server.

You’ll need to come up with some sort of deployment strategy… which there are many. Jekyll’s documentation site has a few to get you started.

I use Travis CI to build my Jekyll site, then rsync the files directly to my server. It’s hooked into GitHub so anytime I push a commit there it triggers a build and deploy to my server.

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