How to get header_pages in Minima to pull from _pages directory

Hi. Does anyone know how, when you’re using Minima, you get the header_pages listing in _config.yml to grab pages from the _pages directory rather than from the root directory?

I’ve moved to the _pages directory and so far I’ve tried:


None of those work.

  - _pages/

Works for me. You probably forgot to add _pages to the include array in your config. By default Jekyll ignores folders that start with an underscore (except _posts, _sass, _includes, _data, and _layouts). _pages isn’t a Jekyll convention, so you need to specifically tell it to include that folder.


  - _pages

To your _config.yml file and it’ll work.


Thank you! I don’t know how I missed it, but I don’t remember seeing anywhere that I need to include the _pages directory for this to work.