Guard/Restrict access to asset files

Hello, is there a way to restrict certain asset folders or files (images, audio, etc.) from being viewed from the public browser url?

For example, if there is a uploads directory that is not a collection and it has a file named image1.jpg. The file can be directly viewed by going to Is there a way to prevent this from happening while also being able to reference the image within the jekyll pages? Thanks in advance!

what is the reason? on the server you can tell it to only serve the image if the referral is your site - which disallows hot linking (where your image is embeded on another site). So it would still display on your site, but I wouldn’t be able to show it on my site.

I do this on AWS S3 on one site, can’t remember if it also disallows that you are asking for - it might. I can’t remember where I did it exactly.

@rdyar The reason is we’re trying to see if we can implement private asset file/folders (folders of images/audio/any other static files) within jekyll and without a server.

that is kind of what I did. Google disable hot linking s3 and see what you find. I also had expiring urls which I used a server to create, though now you could use lambda i’m sure.

jekyll itself isn’t going to do any of this for you.