Getting the Title of a web page or tab

I can find simple and complex examples to get the TITLE.

=============== Simple

Tutorix ===============

I am new to github & jekyll

I have tried ALL kinds of things , nothing works.

===============Here is my default.html

                    <title id="mywantedname">{{ page.title }}</title>
                    <!-- link to main stylesheet -->
                   <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""> 
                  <a href="">Home</a>
                  <a href="" target="_blank">email</a></li>
                  <a href="" target="_blank">TioCash Project</a>
                    <div class="container">

                    {{ content }}

                   </div><!-- /.container -->


What needs to be said and where does it need to be said to place the TITLE name inside the

Any help will be appreciated - Thanks

To set a page’s title property, add it to the page’s YAML front matter. I.e. Your index.html file should start with:

title: my home page title
layout: default
... content of page ...


I want to dynamically place the text that is the webpage title into each webpage.
Please see attached doc.



Do you mean the page title or URL? Browsers tab labels will display either – usually the page title, but if that is empty/undefined, the URL is displayed.

Generally, there is no need to render the Title or URL with dynamic Javascript. You can access either from the page variables. For example (untested code):

The title of this document is: {{ page.title }}
The absolute URL of this document is: {{ page.url | absolute_url }}

Note the use of the absolute_url filter. page.url itself is a relative URL, so absolute_url is needed to combine it with site.url and site.baseurl.