Generate tag specific pages?

I have something like this on my blog to show tags:

       <div class="blog-entry-tags text-muted">                             
              {% assign tags_sorted = post.tags | sort_natural %}                
              {% for tag in tags_sorted %}                                       
              {% assign Tag = tag | capitalize %}                                
              {% if forloop.last == false %}                                     
              <a class="tag" href="/blog/tags/#tag-{{ tag }}">{{ Tag }}</a>                                                                  
              {% else %}                                                         
              <a class="tag" href="/blog/tags/#tag-{{ tag }}">{{ Tag }}</a>      
              {% endif %}                                                        
              {% endfor %}                                                       

Then /blog/tags/ contains a list of tags and blog entries for that tag under each tag. Then each tag has a bookmark anchor #tag-$name that I link to such that the browser scrolls to this tag.

This work okayish for medium amount of tags/posts.

What I would really like is to be able to link to /blog/tags/$tagname.html or /blog/tags/$tagname/ instead.

Then that $tagname.html should just have a list with all the posts for this tag…

Is this possible

not out of the box - jekyll doesn’t automatically make any pages like that.

Try looking into the jekyll-archives plugin? I think it might do this.

I use this plugin on my blog: GitHub - sverrirs/jekyll-paginate-v2: Pagination Generator for Jekyll 3 (enhanced replacement for the old built-in jekyll-paginate gem) ⛺