Fine tuned grids: can I use milligram.css or Bootstrap with Minimal Mistakes?


I’m developing a project with Minimal Mistakes (and I’m very happy) but I would need some better grid control in some cases. I think I can solve it maybe with Milligram or Bootstrap but I fear about collateral problem and conflicts.

Has anyone any experience like this? Any tip can be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Just For the Record, and answering myself: yes, using Milligram with Minimal messes the page, as expected.

Checking again the documentation I realize about this Susy grid system thing. I’ll check it.

You can certainly try and add another grid system like Bootstrap’s CSS, but there could be conflicts with the layout.

The theme uses Susy, which is really just a fancy set of Sass mixins to do some math for you. It doesn’t come with any predefined grid classes for columns like Bootstrap and the like. You need to setup that yourself.

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Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: