Feedback request: How to install Jekyll on Apple Silicon


I created a new video that shows how to install Jekyll on Apple Silicon. While the instructions should work on any Mac, I figured it best to highlight the use of Apple Silicon so people with new Macs can rule out issues thinking it has to do with the ARM version of macOS Monterey.

I am posting this under the “Help” category because the video is not official yet. I plan to post the video tomorrow, around this time (12:30 Pacific/California) tomorrow, so in 24 hours-ish.

Before I post the video, I would appreciate it if you could do a quick review. If you do, could you please share any feedback? Here are the big topics I am concerned about:

  1. Is the content accurate?
  2. Am I missing anything significant?
  3. Do you have any other feedback?
  • If there are any changes or feedback, it would be great if you provide the time in the video (eg 16:32)
  • FYI as I type this, YouTube is still converting to 4K, so it might look a little grainy

Below is a link to the video. It is about 20 minutes in length

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Very well done! Personally, I would use less dynamics in animation, but that just dates me :). A nice touch is the graphic summary at the end (that’s what I taught my students to finish a presentation with, not a “thank you” slide gaping at the audience throughout discussion).

I’ll switch to a new computer soon, will do a clean install and follow your advice by the letter. All-in-all I’m flabbergasted that there are so many steps involved, I can’t think how I managed to achieve this 3 years ago for my switch to Jekyll. I suppose it would lengthen the explanation too much if you inserted a “why this step” more often? For instance I never used shellenv and had to look up what I’ missing. People fully fluent in terminal probably will not realise how involved all this is, especially if an error occurs (which, amazingly, I found can often be squashed by just repeating the pertinent last step).

Anyway, congrats on a great tutorial!

@michaelbach Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it very much!

Oddly, I build a lot of training material and find animations annoying. I could have done a much better job up-front with running the terminal app and then accessing the Homebrew site, but I was rushing the recording, so that is what it is :slight_smile:. I receive a lot of feedback on YouTube, and many people complained I do not zoom in on key topics. I reached out to a few of the regular commenters, and it turns out they have a single computer screen and a phone, so they play my videos on their phone and follow along on their computer. That was an interesting learning.

I agree with you that the installation process is quite the slog. I just picked up Hugo to give that a try, and it took me 5 minutes (maybe less) to get it up and running. It would be nice if there were a better way (or perhaps there is, and I don’t know it?).

I agree about your request to explain things in more detail (like shellenv). My dirty little secret is I understand how to use Jekyll, but I’m still not fluent in most of what I share when performing those shell commands, so basically, what you hear is what I know.

I just ran through the steps on a VM, and they worked like a charm. It sounds like you and others I asked to test found nothing significant to change, so I will go ahead and make the video public.

FYI, here is the link to all the steps:

Thanks again for the advice!

Looks like there’s some similarities between us, but you do better tutorial presentations :).

I’m curious: what kind of VM do you use on silicon?

Sounds that way :slight_smile:

I’m using parallels, but unfortunately the video drivers are horrible so I have to test on there and then use my computer for the recordings. I’m hoping that gets sorted out soon.

Ah, ok, thanks; …must fill 20 chars… :).

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Thanks for this! I had serious help to get Jekyll up on my M1 Air, and could not have done it alone. I was many versions out of date, which didn’t help much.

This will be a great service to people. I’ll try to watch and give a more detailed review in my copious free time.

Thanks again!

You are very welcome! The video is love for anyone to view now, but should you have any edits, I’m always up for releasing updated videos