Exclude posts from site.posts

I’ve seen questions on how to exclude posts from pagination, but I’m looking for excluding posts from site.posts.

I have a Jekyll website on the front page of which I have a featured section listing the top three articles from my blog using site.posts. However, I don’t want certain posts that are written in a different language to show up there as it’s weird to have English posts mixed with other language posts.

How do I achieve this? I tried hidden: true but that only works for pagination. I’ve also looked for liquid solutions to exclude using tags, but I couldn’t work that out either. It’d be great if there’s a solution to exclude posts containing certain tags from site.posts.

There was a recent conversation on this where I answer a similar question. Check out the following solution and if it is not where you need to be, let us know.

Thanks, let me check it out @BillRaymond.

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