Eclipse IDE setup for Windows

Hi, excuse me if this is a newbie question, but I did a site search and no results came up … I was wondering, in order for me to use Eclipse IDE with its GitHub plugin, for a GitHub Pages site ( Jekyll ), would I be right in thinking that all I would need to do is the following:

  1. Install the Ruby variant of Eclipse IDE
  2. Fetch/clone GitHub pages site to local repo
  3. Follow the instructions for installing Jekyll, but point it to the Eclipse installation of Ruby

AND IF SO, how do I modify that last part for Windows versus Linux ( I’d like to know how to do it for both, plus that will help others with a different set up to mine whom are only concerned with Linux ).

I’ve never used Ruby before but I do have Eclipse FileZilla Putty and a few other things set up to allow me to write and test code locally with ease, then upload it to university servers where I can do final things and submit assignments via Putty & Vi/Vim.