Which should I use Hugo or Jekyll

I’ve been reading where if I use windows machine I should use Hugo rather than Jekyll. What gives?

I use windows, no problems with jekyll.

I think several years ago it was problematic maybe with installing Ruby and Python I think, but I don’t think there is much of an issue now. I read plenty of issues with people having trouble on Macs and 'nix which to me is just due to the fact that there are dependencies on other things.

I am aware of Hugo but have never used it.

With the new Linux Subsystem for Windows in newer versions of Windows 10, there isn’t nearly as much of an issue anymore since everything can be set up in a “native” Linux environment (meaning you don’t have to futz with VMs/emulators, etc.)

Really then, the choice comes down to preference. If you’re hosting on GitHub pages, Jekyll makes this much easier by saving you a step; your workflow becomes develop > push to live, rather than develop > build locally > push.

If you’re hosting somewhere else, use whatever generator or templating language you’re most comfortable with.

Good luck!

(P.S. - I’ve written a guide for setting up the Jekyll development environment locally on Windows here: https://jreel.github.io/installing-jekyll-on-windows/ )

Thanks, I’m going to host on Amazon S3 bucket.
Thanks also for the link!