Dynamic Date Not updating

Im hosting my Jekyll site on GitHub Pages and the date does not update. See [Link].(https://pcabrera83.github.io/patriciocabrera/).

However, the date updates when I run the site locally from my machine. Any idea why the day is not updating.

<h6>Hello and Welcome! Today is {{ site.time | date: '%a, %b %d, %y' }}</h6>

its only going to update when it builds - so unless you change a file everyday it will only be correct once in a while.

You should use JS to do that it will be correct all the time.

@rdyar I assume the same thing is going to happen with the Copyright date on the footer?

liquid code is only executed at build time so anything like that will only change when the site is built/rebuilt.
I do the year like that in my footer, no big deal, at the beginning of the year I just make sure I update something.

@rydar I found a Js script online and was able to fix this. I pushed it up to github pages. Thanks for your help.