Duplicated page generation


So I have my website built on jekyll (you can see repo at https://github.com/pedrorijo91/pedrorijo91.github.io)

And while running some SEO tools I found that I have 2 duplicated pages for each blog post. For instance:

Why? Is there any configuration that I’m missing? what’s the best way to avoid that? Is it possible to redirect the second type of URL into the first?

Technically, both https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms/ and https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms/index.html point to the same webpage.

You may want to update your permalink setting to /blog/:title:output_ext to get URLs such as
https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms which will internally point to https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms.html

You have to update your permalink configuration to /blog/:title:output_ext
to get URL: https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms else it will redirect to https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms/ which is technically the same as https://pedrorijo.com/blog/play-forms/index.html