Different versions of pages of jekyll site including amp version

I am building a jekyll site and try to set up amp version.

I read in a post that you may have different version of your internet site:

  • One desktop version
  • One mobile version
  • One amp version
  • And may be a tablette version (this one wasn’t mentioned in the post)
  1. First I don’t understand why there shoul be a mobile version and a separate amp version, as amp is designed for mobile
  2. If it is the case must we have separate css files for mobile, amp and desktop versions. What is the best : separates files for each or a common css file ?
  3. And could we have a common css file for both desktop and mobile versions using the media tags and have so a unique version for both desktop and mobile version ?
  4. If we have separate versions for mobile, desktop, and amp considering all the files including header.html and footer.html, how can we tell the site to use the proper version ?
  5. Should the tablette version be treated with amp ?

Thank you in advance for your answers

@flamant, do you still have a link to this article? I can try to help decipher what could be missing… I’ve briefly looked at AMP standard and it is very impressive thing I must say. Especially caching part was kinda mind-blowing :blush:

Is there anything specific you’re trying to accomplish with AMP?