DEPRECATION WARNING about sass with minimal-mistakes-jekyll theme


I have been getting the following warning:

DEPRECATION WARNING: Passing a string to call() is deprecated and will be illegal
in Sass 4.0. Use call(get-function(“variable-exists”)) instead.

for a while.

Today I updated jekyll and the minimal-mistakes-jekyll theme using ‘‘bundle’’, but I’m still getting that warning.

Output from bundle is below - is there anything I need to install/update to fix this? I’ve had a look on github and here and am struggling to work out what is going on. (note: my jekyll sites build OK)

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04

Cheers, Pete

Using concurrent-ruby 1.1.10
Using i18n 1.12.0
Using minitest 5.16.3
Using tzinfo 2.0.5
Using activesupport 7.0.4
Using public_suffix 5.0.1
Using addressable 2.8.1
Using bundler 2.3.23
Using colorator 1.1.0
Using eventmachine 1.2.7
Using http_parser.rb 0.8.0
Using em-websocket 0.5.3
Using faraday-net_http 3.0.2
Using ruby2_keywords 0.0.5
Using faraday 2.7.2
Using ffi 1.15.5
Using forwardable-extended 2.6.0
Using gemoji 4.0.1
Using racc 1.6.1
Using nokogiri 1.13.10 (x86_64-linux)
Using html-pipeline 2.14.3
Using sassc 2.4.0
Using jekyll-sass-converter 2.2.0
Using rb-fsevent 0.11.2
Using rb-inotify 0.10.1
Using listen 3.7.1
Using jekyll-watch 2.2.1
Using rexml 3.2.5
Using kramdown 2.4.0
Using kramdown-parser-gfm 1.1.0
Using liquid 4.0.3
Using mercenary 0.4.0
Using pathutil 0.16.2
Using rouge 4.0.0
Using safe_yaml 1.0.5
Using unicode-display_width 2.3.0
Using terminal-table 3.0.2
Using webrick 1.7.0
Using jekyll 4.3.1
Using jekyll-archives 2.2.1
Using jekyll-feed 0.17.0
Using sawyer 0.9.2
Using octokit 4.25.1
Using jekyll-gist 1.5.0
Using jekyll-include-cache 0.2.1
Using jekyll-paginate 1.1.0
Using jekyll-sitemap 1.4.0
Using nuggets 1.6.1
Using jekyll-tagging 1.1.0
Using jemoji 0.13.0
Using minimal-mistakes-jekyll 4.24.0
Bundle complete! 10 Gemfile dependencies, 51 gems now installed.
Use bundle info [gemname] to see where a bundled gem is installed.

It is not a real issue, just a warning. Deprecated does not mean it does not work.

Bug Fixes