Attn.: All theme authors (and theme users)

Hello Everyone,

This thread is specifically directed to all theme authors (and optionally theme users).
Jekyll’s bundled sass-converter plugin is migrating from sassc to sass-embedded as the default and only supported implementation from plugin version v3.0.0 onwards.
sass-embedded acts as a middleman to interface with Sass written in DartJS and this modern version of Sass is known to behave differently than erstwhile Ruby Sass and libsass written in C (exposed to Ruby via the sassc gem).

So, I request all theme authors to test their themes with the master branch of the plugin repository and inform us maintainers if anything needs to be addressed before we ship the v3.0.0 cut.

To test, you may simply point your Gemfile to the remote repository as following:

gem "jekyll-sass-converter", github: "jekyll/jekyll-sass-converter", branch: "master"

Those who are not theme authors may test too if they are interested, and inform the author of the respective theme to help the author.