Dependabot cannot update to the required version

I recently created my first Jekyll + Github Pages website. I used Jekyll-Uno as my template. After customizing and writing my first post I pushed the files to Github.

When I accessed my repo to see my files I saw 4 security warnings for 4 old CVEs. I used the bot to update the other 3 but Jekyll refuses to update as seen in the image below

It displays this as a message:

Dependabot cannot create a pull request as one or more other dependencies require a version that is incompatible with this update.

I don’t know how to fix it. I ran gem update in my local directory but that didnt seem to update the local files according to Webstorm.

My Gemfile.yml says jekyll (= 3.6.2) FYI.

How do I fix this?

Try removing the specified version

gem "jekyll"

then run bundle. Run bundle update as well to update the gem versions.