(datapage) Rendered pages are not written to _site

I’m using jekyll-datapage-generator to create pages based on a yaml array.
If I build with --verbose, the pages are rendered, but in the final “writing:” step they are not written to the website.
I checked the Jekyll::Page() constructor data for dir and name in the plugin and they look ok.
The plugin is working on the rest of the website, so I don’t know what to look at.

I also tried disabling plugins and gems, but with no avail.

Hi please share some of your code or repo.

I used https://github.com/avillafiorita/jekyll-datapage_gen

I got the example application to run fine.

I also followed the instructions to setup use in my repo - the instructions are not clear on the config format because of poor README formatting so was initially getting an error or no output, but the example gave me a clue to fix the format. This works below:


  - data: "members"
    template: "profile"
    name: "name"
    dir: "people"





- name: adolfo villafiorita
  bio: long bio goes here
- name: pietro molini
  bio: another long bio
- name: aaron ciaghi
  bio: another very long bio

And install into _plugins folder or via bundle install of the gem.

And serve…

The result was 3 pages rendered

e.g. _site/people/aaron-ciaghi.html

The project I’m using is here https://github.com/emergenzeHack/covid19italia/
Datapage generator is in the _plugins dir
If I add

  • index_files: false
    data: cfg.issuecategories
    template: issuelist_category
    name: displayname
    dir: /categorie/

then with bundle exec jekyll serve --verbose I can see in the output:
Rendering: categorie/raccolte-fondi.html
Pre-Render Hooks: categorie/raccolte-fondi.html
Rendering Markup: categorie/raccolte-fondi.html
Rendering Layout: categorie/raccolte-fondi.html
Layout source: site

But in the final “writing” page they don’t get written to the output
I’m using jekyll 4.0.0 with ruby 2.5.0

The code is setup correctly. I don’t know why you can’t see the output files.

I extracted just the files I needed and it built correctly - there was just no visible content in the pages.

I tested with Jekyll 3 and 4.

    Layout source: site
         Rendering: /richiesta/index.html
  Pre-Render Hooks: /richiesta/index.html
  Rendering Markup: /richiesta/index.html
  Rendering Layout: /richiesta/index.html
     Layout source: site
         Rendering: /migranti-rifugiati/index.html
  Pre-Render Hooks: /migranti-rifugiati/index.html
  Rendering Markup: /migranti-rifugiati/index.html
  Rendering Layout: /migranti-rifugiati/index.html
     Layout source: site
           Writing: .../_site/raccolte-fondi/index.html
           Writing: .../_site/giochi-intrattenimento-bambini/index.html
           Writing: .../_site/servizi-e-iniziative-solidali/index.html

I didn’t run the full build though. Maybe something is conflicting or writing over the files.