Data or pages to collect a big number of items on one page?

Say I want to create one page with a big collection of items. In this case: hundreds of links with descriptions and tags. A bit like my if you remember that, or old school Yahoo.

What would be the best way to approach that in Jekyll? One page with custom front matter for each item? Or one data file?

Would there be a difference in performance between those?

Now that I think about it, this would be a pain to maintain. Probably a spreadsheet that I export to json/yml would be easiest and thus a data file.

Jekyll also supports the CSV format for data files, which can easily be imported/exported from spreadsheets.

That’s great, I’m glad I asked here before trying stupid things!

Hi @Koos, I’m looking for some solution like this, too. It would really help me if you shared here your workflow with CSV files and data management, and, more importantly, your Jekyll configuration to parse all of this data in a website page.

Two further specific questions:

  1. For example, I have this page on my website which has, as you can see, a LOT of data, but it isn’t all of the same type. I wrote all of it just in Markdown. Through CSV files, is there a way to insert specific links inside certain paragraphs (thus after a specific sub-heading)? Or even just adding additional information in a sub-element in the list?
  2. Since you mentioned it at the beginning, how is this configuration for building performance?

Thanks a lot in advance! If you’d like to, share the link of the page you put all of the data in, I’m very curious!


Hey xplosionmind, I haven’t tried anything yet, I was just wondering about the possibilities. Will make a design next and then try with CSV. I’ve worked with data files before (and you too, I guess, making your menus) and you can put markdown in them. You only need to use the liquid markdownify filter to apply it. Like {{ | markdownify }}.

BTW, your translations menu doesn’t work on the page you linked to :frowning:

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Thanks for your feedback! I know, I have to fix some issues for the translations menu, it screws up when there’s one page only available.

Actually, I rarely use data files, they scare me quite a lot… they feel like an unmanageable thing that you can lose control of if you’re not too aware of what you’re doing while managing them, and definitely I’m not aware.

When you do try to use CSV as databases, please write something here, tbh I feel quite lost without a defined track of what to do. Anyways, I’ll study what you suggested and the related liquid tags and I’ll conduct some experiments.

Thanks again, have a nice day!