Clever Use of Data

Has anyone used data in a clever or unique way. I have seen the nav.yaml on the tricks and tips and thought there must be a other clever ways to use data in jekyll?

not sure that it is clever, but any markup that has repeated sections works well with data. I once had a bootstrap accordion and it was very complex html - nested divs, id names you had to be careful with etc. I was able to make it into a template and use a data file to populate it which made it much more manageable. Adding a new item was simple - add a few lines in the data file. If it was all html adding a new item, especially months later when I was no longer familiar with the markup was fairly hard to do.

I use data files for FAQs, galleries, and product info. Basically anything with repeated info is a possible data candidate.

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That a cool way of looking at it… I haved used the data to display pricing tables but it can do much more that

I put all my book titles and IDs (eg Amazon’s ASIN) in a spreadsheet, saved it as CSV, and use a Liquid script to build a “catalog” page with all the links to all the stores. It’s bare-bones at the moment, but it will get fancier as I continue to futz with it. :slight_smile:

This really shines for Amazon, where one ASIN can give me links to their 13 stores worldwide.

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