_data/files.json - some site pages not included

This is a question about the [build-generated?] file _data/files.json.

At the Jekyll site GitHub - adafruit/circuitpython-org: CircuitPython's website, four markdown files (living in the directory _board): hiibot_iots2.md, jpconstantineau_pykey60.md gb_m4.md, and unknown.md are not included in _data/files.json after a build and I cannot work out why not; they are not excluded in _config.yml and pages are generated for them in _site/board/.

jekyll does not create that file - the data directory is for the developer to add a data file which jekyll can then parse and do stuff with.

I suppose it could be generated by plugin, but by default that doesn’t happen.

Okay, thanks, I wondered about that. I’ve searched the repo for reference to that file but could not find it. I’ll keep digging.

it could be that another site is using it as poor mans api. That file is massive! 20k lines?

Yeah, I’d forgotten that it’s generated from CircuitPython’s CI on GitHub and is populated with tons of details about each board (236 of them), including which Python modules are included with each build based on each board’s perpherals/capabilities.