Convert jekyll's .html files or jekyll website to .pdf

So, i faced with some troubles, when trying to convert .html files from _site folder to .pdf with pandoc or wkhtmltopdf. The problem is that the html in this folder is not going to be so nice without Jekyll. There always appears errors and converting fails. May be anybody know how to convert html to pdf? I can do it manually →
Go to the page → ctrl + P → save as PDF. But content on the site will be change.

Also tried to find online converters but all of them suggest convert just 1 page not whole the site.
It will be also so long.

Please, help.

How to Convert HTML Documents to PDF | by Zack White | Medium used this guide

By default, the HTML files in _site are designed to be served from a website via HTTP (http://...), not directly from the files (file://...), which is how Pandoc is accessing them in the guide you’re using.

One quick-n-dirty option might be to use wget to convert the HTTP site into a file-based site. For example, with jekyll serve running, mirror the site with wget:

wget --mirror --convert-links

The downloaded HTML files will have correctly converted paths to CSS/images/etc and should be convertible with pandoc/wkhtmltopdf.