Code highlight for Racket

I forked an older theme years back but recently I started posting Racket code in

I think it looks awful. The {% highlight Scheme%} tag renders it like that. Is there a better way ? How do people port the old posts to a new theme generally ? I want to avoid this now.


Is there any way to improve the brightness of the font ?


are talking about this?

I am not sure what brightness means in that context - which color? I think it is very readable and looks pretty decent.

IIRC when you set up syntax highlighting there is a css file you have to add to the site - and that can have different themes? maybe like this? rouge-themes | Highlight themes generated by rougify.

Yes. Recently I changed _highlights.scss and it is better now. Now my OCaml code isn’t highlighted properly. My highlighter is rouge.
Do you mean that I can use any of the rouge themes ? Replace stylesheets ?


I believe so yes - replace the highlight.scss contents with something else and it should change the look of it.