Change default page to About page

I’m trying to set up my private blog using this theme GitHub - cotes2020/jekyll-theme-chirpy: A minimal, sidebar, responsive web design Jekyll theme that focuses on text presentation..
I forked into my repository, and I set up everything.
The URL of my repository GitHub - darkocobe/ My personal website.
I changed some content compared to his theme (the links and names) as per my wish, but I’m not a developer nor a Jekyll expert. I did these changes by just discovering things.

What I want to do:
When you open my site, instead of default to the Posts page to default to my start-here page. I can’t find the logic of how the theme developer does this and how I can default to start-here instead.
If someone can help me to make start-here default page, and when you click on the blog to open the posts page, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.

The index.html file is using the home layout, which means that it will use the content of that file (_layouts/home.html) to display your content.

So if you want to display your own content, you would need to change the layout to page or default if you want more control.

You might want to remove the breadcrumb or modify its label as well.

You’ll get something like:


layout: page
title: Your custom title
Content of this page using <abbr title="Hypertext Markup Language">HTML</abbr>.

You could also create your custom layout, or modify home for your needs.

You can read more about layouts in this page:

I would recommend to read the whole step by step guide :wink:


The advice above is good and applies to any theme.

To change the content on a page, you add or update the layout in the front matter or you change the actual content in the body of the page.