Can't change twitter:card to summary_large_image


My site is using Jekyll SEO tag v2.7.1 plugin
It automatically displays the tag on the posts page:
meta name = “twitter: card” content = "summary"

There is no way I can change it to a tag:
meta name = “twitter: card” content = "summary_large_image"

I tried writing it a second time, but the first one remains.
I added the line to the site config:
card: summary_large_image

But this did not solve my problem either.

Can you help me figure it out? Here is my site.

You need to indent card since it’s a descedent of twitter as per the plugin’s use of page.twitter.card or site.twitter.card.

You’ll want to do this in either your post/page’s YAML front matter or globally in _config.yml

  card: summary_large_image

ref: jekyll-seo-tag/template.html at master · jekyll/jekyll-seo-tag · GitHub

You really could not look at my config and make sure that there is an indentation?

Didn’t even see the link to your repo, was just going off the code you included above.
Well looks like you’re not defining a page image in a way the plugin expects. You’re using thumb… it wants image.

Because it doesn’t think you have an image assigned it defaults to summary. If you look at the link I included above it shows the conditionals and logic that plugin is using to assign the card type.

{% if seo_tag.image %}
  <meta name="twitter:card" content="{{ page.twitter.card | default: site.twitter.card | default: "summary_large_image" }}" />
  <meta property="twitter:image" content="{{ seo_tag.image.path }}" />
{% else %}
  <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" />
{% endif %}

TL/DR: null image equals <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" />

thanks a lot! now it works.