Can we use double objects?

Like this? Well it’s not working for me.

<img src="{{ '../assets/img/icons/{{social.filename.svg}}' | relative_url }}">

Can you share with some other way, with a similar concept?

can’t you do:

<img src="/assets/img/icons/{{social.filename.svg}}'> or whatever the relative url is? using liquid to do that seems like overkill, but maybe you have a more complex structure than I use. You could prepend the baseurl manually if needed.

I have tried using it.

<img src="/assets/img/icons/{{social.filename.svg}}'>

It is working perfectly on the homepage, but not working on subpages.

if /assets is under the root then that should work - certainly works for me. As I understand it /assets is always pointing to a folder named assets that is directly under the root of the site regardless of what the page is you are on at the moment. …/assets is one level up from where you are now (?) though I am not so sure about that as I never use it that way.

My site has this in the head - works on every page:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/site.css">

what is the path/url for where it doesn’t work, and what is it for the home page where it does work?

maybe that is only available on the home page? not real clear what it is.

When I restarted the server it worked.

I am fetching the social.filename from the _data/social.yml file