Can i use HTML code in post?

i want my journal to be accessible. i have made few changes about color contrast and declaring
language of content. at present i am using HTML in post and post file.

!`DOCTYPE html
html lang="en"
<title>december eight</title>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="robots" content="NoTranslate, NoImageIndex, NoSnippet, NoFollow, NoIndex, noodp, noydir" />

does my theme automatically detect content language ?

my journal source :

the problem I was pointing out is that each of your posts is going thru the Post Layout, which is then going thru the Default Layout and that is what builds the HTML page. So by putting the stuff above in each post you are basically putting an HTML page inside of another HTML page.

If you go to one of your posts and right click and do View Source you will see that the post info is wrapped in an HTML page which is then inside the HTML page of the rest of the page.

If you want to control the stuff in the head do that in the Default layout or the Head Include. That stuff will apply to probably all the pages on your site assuming they end up using the Default Layout like the posts do.

its strange onપાછલા-અઠવાડિયે view source

  • fennec lang="en"
  • privacy browser lang="gu"