Avoid extra date without post title, see screenshot

i have created a post today.
however when i visit https://leela52452.gitlab.io/
it displays


Dec 8, 2019
Dec 8, 2019
december eight

how can i avoid extra date without post title ?

my repo https://gitlab.com/leela52452/leela52452.gitlab.io

if you look at it in chrome inspector that first line has a link to one of the 10-18-19 KISS articles. I can’t tell which one, but something about one of those is causing it I think.

Also, the way you are doing the posts is not correct - the post should just be the article content - you have an entire web page including the head. That part is being handled by the layouts so you don’t need any of that in the post.

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the issue is resolved by removing : in title of front matter. :innocent:

can you please eloborate reasons @ Does my jekyll theme automatically detect content language

thank you :innocent: