Building Warning

I’m using jekyll v=3.4.3 and it gives me the warning like this:

How can I solve it ???
I’m using ruby : 2.3.3p222
gem : 2.5.2

What Jekyll is trying to say you with the warning, essentially this: “Front Matter section in ‘_posts/’ file and others has requested to use ‘news’ layout for rendering, however, I could not find a file with the path ‘_layouts/news.html’…”.

Effectively, you might want to move “news.html” (if this is the layout file) from the root folder to “_layouts” folder, therefore Jekyll can pick up that layout for rendering.

Here is a screen snip from my personal blog, where Front Matter section for one of the posts ( is configured to use “post” layout (located at _layouts/post.html):

Hope that helps.

Yes, You are right. And I solve this

Thank you for help.

Yay, my pleasure! :tada: