Automatically update blog page when writing a new post

Dear Jekyll friends:
I have this “blog” page to list all posts, fine. Now when I write a new post it gets published alright. But above blog page does not list it until I either clean and thus re-build the entire site, or make some trivial change on the blog page so Jekyll re-builds this page, adding the latest post at top.

BTW, incremental & livereload are set to true in my _config.yml file.

Is there a way to make the blog page automatically aware that a post has been added and consequently let it rebuild itself?

Thanking you in advance, best, Michael

This is a shortcoming of the experimental incremental-build feature. To explicitly force a rebuild of a particular page, add regenerate: true to its front-matter. Details at:

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Thank you! Great solution. I should read the documentation more often :).

Thanks & best, Michael