Alt text for images in post

Hi, I want to add alt text for main images of the post:
layout: post
title: xxx
description: yyyy
categories: reviews
catname: bbbbb
image: “images/reviews/2019/img1/img.jpg” for this image how to add alt?
thumb: “images/reviews/2019/1t.jpg”
permalink: “blog/:categories/:year-:month-:day-:slug.html”

Did you try:

  name: "images/reviews/2019/img1/img.jpg"
  thumb: "images/reviews/2019/1t.jpg"
  alt: Alt Text

Tried. It doesn’t work.

Your layout(s) need to support that YAML.

If you don’t have something like <img src="{{ }}" alt="{{ page.image.alt }}"> it’s not going to pull in those variables you’ve set.

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