Adding Jekyll to Homebrew

I feel as though installing Jekyll on macOS would be so much easier if there was a brew formulae for it. The current process for installing Jekyll is so confusing and difficult for people not confident with developing, like myself.

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I don’t think installing Jekyll is confusing or difficult. Actually, it’s a one-liner that works out of the box:

gem install jekyll

Optionally, you can install the latest Ruby version with Homebrew first with brew install ruby.

That’s the thing. For people like myself who aren’t confident with development/ruby/gems or whatever, dealing with issues like not being able to install using gem install due to Apple pre-installing ruby but not granting it write permissions and all that crap.

OK, then it’s probably easiest if you install Homebrew Ruby and then use gem install for any additional Ruby packages. It’s the same thing with Python, you install Homebrew Python and then use pip to install Python packages.

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Fair enough! I never realised Ruby was on Homebrew :slight_smile:

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@cbrnr If you want to install Jekyll with brew and rbenv on macOS, here is a gist