Add Soundcloud SVG to the blog front-page

I want to add my Soundcloud link in the footer of my jeyll blog.

I am able to do it for the github and instagram accounts, as follows:


Firstly, the soundcloud svg is not present in jekyll by default. I downloaded the soundcloud’s svg and added in the minima-social-icons.svg file. This file is present in _site/assests folder.

I added the following line in the _config.yml file: soundlcoud_username: Account3. But neither the svg nor the link appears in the footer.

Any help on how to add soundcloud account in the front-page footer be helpful.

Thank you,

The template file for the footer needs to support addition of new social media links. You should provide access to your code for any resolution.
Please provide access to your source code.

I can not provide access to the source code.

I have the following in the index.html:

<div class="footer-col footer-col-2"><ul class="social-media-list"></ul>

I added the following in the minima-social-icons.svg:

<symbol id="soundcloud" fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" stroke-linejoin="round" stroke-miterlimit="1.414"><path d="M14.492 208.896c0.619 0 1.143-0.509 1.232-1.226l3.365-26.671l-3.355-27.278 c-0.1-0.717-0.623-1.23-1.242-1.23c-0.635 0-1.176 0.524-1.26 1.23l-2.941 27.278l2.941 26.662 C13.316 208.377 13.857 208.896 14.492 208.896z"/></symbol>

Not much help can be provided without source code.

We’d need to know at least what theme you’re using at which version, because what you’re trying to modify is part of the theme, not Jekyll itself.

Can you specify what you need.

I be happy to share.

Jekyll by default provides the svg for instagram and facebook as such. I want the same svg configuartion for soundcloud, so that it can appear in the footer.

Even if I do share the repository, you won’t be able to see the
_site folder as it is in .gitignore file. The only thing avaliable is the config.ymlwhich I can share.

_site is not needed. The source code is required.

You need to check the social media template of your theme, which might be placed in _includes or _layout folder.

After opening the file, duplicate the code of instagram, then replace it with {{ site.soundcloud_username }} and the custom url of your svg