A Jekyll theme that connects to the headless CMS with minimum effort


I wanted to share with you an awesome feature I’ve added to one of my Jekyll themes “Scriptor” -> https://github.com/JustGoodThemes/Scriptor-Jekyll-Theme.

The feature I’m talking about is Stackbit support, which lets you connect your theme to headless CMS (Forestry, NetlifyCMS, DatoCMS, and Contentful) and deploy it to Netlify with few clicks.

To add Stackbit support, you need to add the stackbit.yaml file in the theme root dir. In this file, you “map” your markdown files frontmatter to a content model that Stackbit understands. Then Stackbit uses this file to provide each CMS with the field mappings they need.

You can “import” Scriptor theme into Stackbit using a plain URL here -> https://app.stackbit.com/create?theme=https://github.com/JustGoodThemes/Scriptor-Jekyll-Theme

Try it out and let me know what you think.