301 redirect of entire site at domain level

I’ve built our site on ftso.com.au and recently acquired ftso.au, i’n trying to redirect all posts and pages to the latter.

I’m deploying using Netlify.

I’ve added gem ‘jekyll-redirect-from’ to my Gemfile.

I’ve added plugins:

  • jekyll-redirect-from

I’ve edited the config file with …
url : “https://www.ftso.au

I’m stuck on what to do next, I’m not an expert on Jekyll or Netlfiy. The Netlify forum wasn’t any help, they suggested it was a Jekyll issue.

I think that plugin is more for when you move your site from somewhere else to jekyll- then you can set it up so that some weird url that tumbler may have used will still find the correct page on a jekyll site.

I think what you want needs to be done at the domain level - you need to do a 301 redirect on the old domain to make everything go to the new domain.

How to do that will likely depend on who does your dns and maybe your hosting.

The site is on Github, deployed with Netlify. I have control over the domain / DNS and can set it however I need to, just unsure of the best approach?

google is your friend, try googling redirect domain - you want to do a 301 redirect I believe. There are probably multiple ways to do it. Fairly sure you would do it thru dns. I think it can also be done on the old domains website but not sure that is the best way.

Hmm, that’s what’s led me here, Google hasn’t been much help. Thanks anyway.

try asking your dns provider, I think it will be a setting there.

Since Netlify is hosting the site check their documentation on how to set redirects.

Their docs cover domain level redirects, which I believe is what you want to achieve.