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This is my personal blog where I write about random stuff (psychology, masculinity etc). It is based on the Balzac theme by Cole Townsend, though heavily modified. I aimed for a simple, fast, and typography focused site. It is in Turkish, but you might enjoy the design. Cheers!


You have a div tag inside your header ? <div id=“bump”> … which is also in your body <div id=“bump”>
Plus your body and html is not closed.
Just pointing it out :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I’ve tried to fix it now. If it is not too much trouble, could you please recheck if things look alright and get back to me? Much appreciated.


Hi! I’ve recently built two website about a coding competition and a design competition for my company Bending Spoons.

Designflows -

Codeflows -


UNT Libraries Website -

Main identity for a university library. (various other subsystems run other parts of the show like the catalog, various discovery layers, etc.). Migrated from Drupal 7 (content transformed via vews export -> xml -> pandoc & python scripting + a bunch of slogging through the output (still ongoing) and we ended up with approx 1700 pages. Content saved in locally hosted gitlab instance, built on 12 collection types, data, and assets living as submodules to the main site (will allow content editors to touch locally controlled content without bothering with main entity), ‘skin’ is a locally developed theme with BS4, gulp, etc. Hours and other time sensitive data gets pushed/pulled from the repo on builds, and hidden/shown thanks to moment.js. lazysizes.js for lazyloading images. plugins: responsive-images, -include-cache, -data, and -toc plugins. Still a WIP, needs content cleaning and some performancing, but you get the idea where this is going. Cheers!


Beautiful looking site @whicks1 !

1 comment:
your wrapper–content div is causing a horizontal scroll bar on the home page.
perhaps margin, padding? or overflow-y: hidden ?

Seems to be caused by <main id=“content”
if I do padding-right: 4em on <main it goes away on resolutions above 905px

all other pages seem to resized perfectly, with no traces of a scroll bar


good catch, thanks. It’s the B4 buttons groups and flex. hits me over and over and over again. will fix.


I particularly like .shiny.grow:before … that’s a cool effect :slight_smile:


Thanks. Not particularly proud of my markup and consistent adherence to naming conventions, but it was a big heavy project with limited dev resources that could be devoted to making things as pretty as I would otherwise want.


Nallikayi Podcast

A Kannada podcast designed using cards layout.


Mojtaba Barzegari (Projects) -

A place to talk about my projects and share ideas about open source scientific computing. Jekyll made it so easy and fun for me to build such a site.

Link to the repo -


My Blog -

This is my blog, where I share tech tips, tutorials, and other articles about python, git, programming, arduino, raspberry pi, DIY, making, science, jekyll, web development, etcetera.

link to repo


A website for a woodworker, with a 100% Google Lighthouse score!


I redesigned my website to now truly use the power of Jekyll. Also, to design it exactly how I wanted, kind of with my personality.

Any feedback is appreciated.


I’m not a professional web designer (and my Spanish is nonexistent) but you website looks professional but not in a cookie cutter kind of way. Great job!


Nice job. I didn’t know about Google Lighthouse so thank you for the tip!


Thank you very much my friend = ), I really appreciate your words. I guess soon I should change it to english too.


We are Chennai based SaaS company who used Jekyll to built our site and feel proud that we made right choice. Adding navigations from yml and using “for & If” conditions in static html is still a dreamt for many front-end developers.

Thanks to the super power Jekyll through which we were able to achieve this.

Also we achieved 100% performance on google Lighthouse.


Ben Swift -

My personal (academic) homepage & blog. Handcrafted CSS grid for layout (no theme gem), small & (hopefully) understandable markup. Also includes talk slides using reveal.js. More thoughts on the design process here.

Source available (can’t link here because discourse will only let me put 2 links in the post, but link to source is in the site footer.


Dave Mullen Jnr —

Designer / Photographer

This is a minimal portfolio, showcasing my design and photography work. I used the utility-first CSS approach (Basscss / Tachyons / Tailwind etc) Hosted on GitHub pages.

Repo —