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Thanks for taking a look. The circuit simulator is something I lifted from MIT (with encouragement). It’s 100% javascript, so it’s the only simulator I’m aware of that runs without installation, just one click. So it lowers the barrier to entry quite a bit. I added a few doodads to make it easy to share circuits and work on a touch interface.


Build a garage with Jekyll which include lots of

The Garage offers in-depth articles about websites, domains, hosting, online marketing, and more.


Hello guys,

I recently open source
You can find the code

Certainly lots to do - it’s back from 2012 or so… you know how things are. Your skills improve, but your old websites don’t :slight_smile:

The interesting part is, a planet software (I open source that as well soon) checks RSS feeds, then commits to a GIT repository. The Dartosphere is having that repository as a submodule and generates content from there. All on regular basis.

I write about that approach in my upcoming book on Jekyll. Feedback and questions are welcome - if you ask here, please ping me by my email (cg AT grobmeier DOT de) so I don’t miss your thread! :slight_smile:



Conainter | Consultores Aeronáuticos Internacionales -

Profesional site for a company integrated by a group of multidisciplinary leaders specialized in operations, security, maintenance, crisis management, administration and aeronautical law.


Sushi Market -

Company website for a restaurant that stands out for its excellent quality of service and privileged location that makes it a perfect space for tasting Asian cuisine.


Tu Cava Cuarto C.A. -

Company website for a bussiness that design, manufacture, supply and install Cold Rooms according to the specific needs of customers for both industry and commerce.


Created my personal site after finishing college. Starting to blog as well. Suggestions are welcome.
Gilberto Diaz


I have created a simple jekyll theme to show timelines, good for creating online CVs/résumés.


ThemeJekyll -

A Jekyll theme gallery with filtering and rating features. It’s also my first larger scale open source project. Please feel free to add your own theme!


Looks good! Will have to submit mine at some point &


Thanks! And please do add your themes!


Mr.Bucket is website templates that are showcased here are open source, creative commons or totally free. Feel free to add your own template.


Frame -

Stay available. Stay sane. Frame gives you the best parts of a help desk — in Slack. Support your customers and communities rapidly without compromising productivity.


Name -
Documentaiton for K8Guard an auditing system for kubernetes. Open Sourced by Target Corp.
Link to the repo -


Markdown Guide

The Markdown Guide is a free and open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown. It was born out of frustration with existing Markdown references that are needlessly verbose. This website is designed to be a concise, barebones guide.

Link to the repo -


personal portfolio, for all my works


Okinawan-lyrics -

My blog introduces the tradition and culture of Okinawa in Japan, and archives my travel reports of Galapagos, Indonesia, Micronesia, Palau and Philippines.

My blog moved to Jekyll from Google Blogger recently.
So I will improve it step by step.


Wollstra Tech -

This is our company website. We had a Wordpress site that was slow and we were tired of managing security updates backups etc. We decided to redo our site with Jekyll. It is hosted in Amazon S3 and we use CloudFront as the CDN. We are using Make + Jekyll with the image_optim, jekyll-assets, uglifier plugins and use AWS CLI to deploy the site.


Typejekyll -


This is the template of my old portfolio, it was made focusing on creative people. There is a variety of premade layouts. It’s a little bugged and the project is abandoned, I tried to rework this template using some gems but now is abandoned too. Maybe can be useful for someone .


If you want to learn more about Markdown. Check out this blog: