GitHub login does not properly work


I have tried to create an account using ‘Login with GitHub’ however i get an authorization error message. I got the same issue when I needed to activate my account after switching to the classic account creation ( mail,password…).

See below the error messages :

Please note that my ads blocked is off and no pop up was displayed.


Yep, same here. Also is it possible to connect already existing account with Github auth?


Same here. I ended up creating a new account without the Github auth.


Sorry to hear about this, everyone! I used the old GitHub OAuth application we had setup before so I bet there’s a problem with the way the handshake works. I setup a new application and have that configured now. Please try again if that’s possible. :heart:


I still had trouble with it - but google was remembering my old login details so I clicked the other login button and now I am in, not even sure which way I am signed in. I never signed up for an actual account - but on friday I think the GH login worked from work (where I am now). So maybe GH worked on Friday and then broke? it sure didn’t work from home over the weekend, and if I log out and then try to login with the GH link it gives the error.


GitHub signup/login still doesn’t work for me.

Interestingly, when I signed up for an account without GitHub, I still got the “Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account” page when confirming my email address, although it didn’t stop my account from being created.


Still with problems here.

An screenshot:

If you close that windows, nothing happens :frowning: