Update install docs for zsh default


In the instructions to install Homebrew on macOS page of the Jekyll docs, users are directed to add their brew shell path to .bash_profile.

echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/ruby/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile

But starting with Catalina last year Apple shifted the default shell to zsh, so this won’t have any effect for those running it. Should this not be updated to add the PATH to ~/.zshenv as well as .bash_profile?

I’d raise an issue on Github if I could find the repo :slight_smile: If anyone could send me that way that would be great too.

Here is the docs site in the repo

Thank you @MichaelCurrin :slight_smile:

BTW I don’t bother with the profile files from myself. I put everything in .bashrc or .zshrc

But if the original tutorial uses .bash_profile then keep it like that giving the user the option to use .bash_profile or .zshenv

And it’s good to give both options and not assume everyone is on ZSH. It is optional when moving to Catalina and one can always switch back to Bash

Sure, I agree. I wouldn’t want zsh either. But the way the doc is currently written is for a basic install, with the assumption that if you were someone who cared about changing your default shell yourself you’d know the line had to go somewhere else. It could already say ‘if you use zsh or fish then put this line here…’ But it doesn’t because it assumes you’re just trying to get jekyll running on a vanilla system. So I think it’s in keeping with the current setup to direct users based on their macOS version rather than their preference of shell.

Anyway here’s the pull request if you want to flag your thoughts!