Trouble setting picture width with jekyll-picture-tag

My _data/picture.yml file:

    size: 720
    fallback-width: 720
    widths: [720]

The resulting img tag:

    srcset="http://localhost:4000/generated/_articles/myarticle/example-489by229-658e8d.png 489w" 

My questions are:

  • Why is the default width (in the src element) 800 and not 720? How do I set it to 720?
  • Why is a 489px wide image generated and included in the srcset?
  • How do I include a 720px wide image in the srcset?


For fallback width, you have a dash where you need an underscore. It should be fallback_width

How big is the original image? That’s odd that it’s coming up with a 489 pixel wide image unless that’s the original size, but if that’s the case then the fallback image shouldn’t be 800px. I’ll have a look into it.