This same web in html and in php

I have trouble with default extension. I would have .html and .php

for example jekyll b --config confih-php.yml and produce whole site with php extension

and with default with html

Can You help me?

I can’t think of a way to do that. The rendered files can use the extension of the source file I think - so if you have myfile.php in source it should rendered as myfile.php. But I’m not sure how you could control that thru the config file, only thing I can think of is some sort of permalink structure but I don’t think that would work - though maybe it could.

Why do you want the same files as html and php?

  1. I can using variable
    output_ext : “.php” in output data, but cant use it as name of file.

  2. I can use permalink: file.php in file header but it working only once. I cant set sometimes permalink this or other.

I use heroku and develop in html static file but on server use php because normal html not exist. php not show directly in webbroweser. I cant install php server on my tin client