Text overlap when using code and code in link - in the same sentence

Hi Team,

Need your help, please:

The following makes the text overlap:

But if don’t have the code before the link in the code format this issue is not there:
You use code and then link it).

Has anyone else faced this issue? If yes, is there a fix for it?

do you have a link to that page? you can probably find the css problem with the Inspector in Chrome.

Yes I think it is a CSS issue which means you need to override the CSS set already probably by a theme.

I am using a theme from the Github Pages themes which adds a extra padding around code block text in a sentence (so the reverse of your problem where you have overlap). Inspecting in devtools allow me to see what CSS is set on the item, tweak it directly in devtools then I can plan my project override of the CSS.

Thank you so much, @rdyar and @MichaelCurrin! I fixed it by overriding the CSS :slight_smile:

@shavidissa great. I know the CSS is specific for the solution but care to share what you added for anyone stumbling across this with a similar issue?

Sure! :slight_smile:

We had this previously:
code + a > code {
margin-left: -7px;

This worked previously, but due to some change (I am not sure what), now, the text keeps overlapping.

So I changed the -7px to 1px.