Tag collections without creating duplicate content

My site has different collections that share attributes.

For instance, there are collections like:

  • Portraits
  • Landscapes

But then, say,

Portraits and Landscapes both belong to:

  • Digital
  • Traditional

In Jekyll, the same tag can belong to different categories. However, collections don’t work this way.

For now, a hand-coded button links to said collections, no plugin, nor pagination.

I am trying to add a level of classification to collections without creating duplicate content.

How would you do this without adding complexity? Thank you.

you can make your own custom front matter - like type and then loop over that to do whatever you want,

So you could have an item that is a Portrait that is Digital - the front matter would have:

type: Digital

then you loop thru all collections and find ones where type == Digital.

You won’t have pagination though.

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Thank you @rdyar! It sounds like a good idea and could be the way to go. The collections shouldn’t need pagination. It is a portfolio without many subcategories. Thank you again!