Suggestions for a simple text-based SQL setup


I have an idea for a Football Tipping competition app where the weekly tips and results are fairly modest in the DB scheme of things - has anyone used a text-based DB / SQL setup with Jekyll?


Are you referring to a NoSQL database? In terms of having a database with a static Jekyll site, your only real option is a NoSQL database since you don’t want to host a dynamic SQL server.

You can use something like a JSON document database (which is I think what you are referring to when you say ‘text-based DB’) such as MongoDB. If using free hosting with CludCannon, they offer some data related options in the form of data files

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility in terms of content hosting and loading content dynamically using a client-side language, a service like Google’s Firebase might serve you well. They still use a NoSQL database structure, but what you will find is that the platform is pretty fully-featured. This would give you the ability to have user authentication (each user is dynamically served their own dashboard based on their bets while maintaining a globally accessible leaderboard), server-side logic (calculating winners of the weekly contest), and a real-time database without really having to manage a server. Your site structure would still be fully static, but the content could be loaded dynamically based on API responses from Firebase.

Actually I was thinking of actual txt files - after I posted here I found this old stuff:

but the use of that stuff would require a lot of backtick usage etc.

Ah, interesting stuff . .

Also, extremely interesting!

I will start with something basic and start reading CSV files and once the site develops a little more and probably starts getting unwieldy, come back and look at how these other options might make life easier . .

Many thanks for the substantial response!