Steps toward a 'clean install' on Mac OS Sonoma 14,0

I publish a simple site on GitHub Pages (see, but like to have Jekyll running on my local machine to test pages before pushing to GitHub.

A long time passed and I hadn’t done any local testing before posting, and then I remembered the benefit of having a local Jekyll installation. But my local installs were not working.

When I tried to fix the local installs nothing worked.

I’d like to try to revert to a ‘clean install’ of ruby and Jekyll. What is the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance for advice on this.


I don’t know how to do what you’re asking. But I had problems getting jekyll to run nicely on MacOS as well.
What I did was to install a small Debian Linux VM in UTM ( and run this locally on the mac.

I then SSH into my VM and work with jekyll from there.

This works quite well in that the VM starts up in just a few seconds since I have installed only the bare minimum and disabled/removed everything not entirely essential.

PS. I like the clean design of your website very much btw. :slight_smile: