Raven.min.js.map | vue.min.js.map | popper.min.js.map

Hello there,

I’m getting the following log in my console

[2020-01-31 16:19:33] ERROR `/raven.min.js.map' not found.
[2020-01-31 16:19:33] ERROR `/vue.min.js.map' not found.
[2020-01-31 16:19:33] ERROR `/popper.min.js.map' not found.

I have not found any relevant information about what are those files that I’m searching throughout my code and cannot find.
This is a project that it is using jQuery and Bootstrap, I suspect that the problem could be coming from that side, but I’m not quite sure since I’m new to Jekyll, on boarding a big website project.

It is importat to highlight that I’m getting weird styling behavior throughout the website, like the hover effects does not work. Also, some images lack of height that it is declared in the CSS files. And so on.

I would appreciate your help,


they are probably not the problem, they should be source maps which help debug the code but should not be needed by the website.

If you look at the site in Inspector in your browser does the console have errors?