Question about Last Modified date

Hello friends!

Please, someone can advise me, what’s is the best way to show the Last-Modified date on my markdown-posts?

I know about that plugin: But I see this issue from the developer:

And seems, that author leaves the project. And this plugin will not support anymore by developer.

And I’m afraid to use a plugin, that does not support by author. I’m afraid about future errors and bugs on my production websites.

Please, tell me. Is there any other way to display Last Modified date with Jekyll? Why this important function not supported by default on Jekyll, if Jekyll is blog-based SSG?

I am using

and that really is “dead simple”. I had to modifiy it so that it works if the file does not exist (yes, that can happen) like so

'# ensure it works even if the file does not exist (yet), for tags
File.mtime(file_path.strip!) # last modified date
“” # if exception, return empty string
and it’s really fine. Then, in the footer
{% capture lastModificationDate %}{% last_modified {{ page.path }} %}{% endcapture %}
and you can us the variable lastModificationDate to your delight.
Best, Michael